The Future


In my workshop / laboratory I tinker with things and invent the future.  Much like how Al Gore invented the internet... I am working hard at tinkering and publishing my findings and results to hopefully help others build something even better, or just copy my work and enjoy.

This page is a launch pad to various active projects I am doing.  "What kind of projects", you ask?  Well mostly these will be me doing hardware hacks, and some interesting gadget / home automation or even the occasional super-geek-overload-level-ten type home networking projects.  No really...  I go that crazy with networking.


Links are down here, no below this... yes the links.

TouchDroid  SupaPBX  PortMap  Syslog-er-nator  m0n0wall-custom

Project: TouchDroid -

I am installing Android onto an HP TouchPad and then outlining bad things to do with this new gizmo.  Read about it by clicking this hard to find link.

Project: Supa PBX of Free Telephony (SPFT) -

So starting with a Cisco IP Phone, add an Asterick server running on a Soekris box, and then link to all manor of online free services... presto! solid state, lower power consumption, green energy free telephone calls with omni presence in many major cities.  You can follow my progress and maybe help test this with me by searching this page for the hidden link.

Project: Portmap -

This is a simple listing of open ports on common appliances like iPhone, iPad, common home routers (the inside interface) etc.  Just some usefull information.

Project: ReadyNAS Syslog-er-nator -

I needed a syslog server, for my m0n0wall firewalls mostly, and seeng as I have a ReadyNAS Pro with a lot of storage and a good bit of CPU and RAM, why not use that?  Well, it's not really supported - so of course "challenge accepted."  Read my how-to in the workshop link.

Project: m0n0wall Custom Images -

Needing to add some functionality to one of the daemons run on m0n0wall, I decided it would be super cool to update the php interface for that daemon (dnsmasq) so that I could turn on and off syslogging of the dns queries against my local dns cache.  To do this, however, I had to setup a FreeBSD box and mount the master image and make the edits. This how-to walks you through the process of being able to make custom m0n0wall images.  Later I might share some xml editing methods to do the same thing.