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This is my personal website, as in all mine, and it reflects my own opinions and should not be interpreted to represent those of anyone I work for either as a full time employee or consultant.  Likewise, there are guests who blog here and their comments are also their own, and in some cases may not reflect my opinions let alone those of their employers.  

Acceptable Usage Policy (AuP):

Everyone is welcome to post comments to the blogs, but I have a few rules.  First, no flaming anyone else or trolling.  Second, no advertisements for commercial corporations.  Third, I am fine with people linking to other blogs, security conferences, articles, etc. as long as it is in the vein of the conversation, it doesn't violate the second point I just presented, and if it promotes security awareness or the security community.  

If you post something that I find offensive, per my sole discretion, I will delete it.  There is no arbitration, bartering etc.  I can and will ban you from the website if it becomes a problem.  

I have enabled authentication to the website via your Twitter account if you so choose.  This would probably be best as then I have no PII about you.  If you would prefer, for whatever reason, you can also create an account on the website and will be able to make comments in the blog section, or wherever else I decide to enable comments.  I will eventually post a privacy policy, but the short and sweet... I don't care who you are, I have no interest in reselling your meta data, and you provide data and information on this site about yourself at your own risk.  

Anything and everything written on this website, even by other people such as yourself, belongs to me and is copy written.

See and you thought this was going to be an overly wordy lawyer's version of a AuP.  Nope, it's in common English.  If you have any questions then please feel free to Email me with them.

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