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So who is this guy... Francisco Artes, Frank Artes

Francisco Artes is a leading international security expert and recognized InfoSec top executive with over twenty years of experience in the field.  Mr. Artes is a Research Director with NSS Labs.

A proven Information Security Executive, Mr. Artes has served as Vice President, Chief Architect / Content Protection for Trace3, and as Vice President, Security Worldwide for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Inc.  He is credited with establishing the industry best practices (motion picture & television)  for content handling and protection.  He continues to consult to the entertainment industry on best practices, intellectual property protection, and digital rights management. 

As the CTO/CSO of Club E Network, Francisco developed much of the web 2.0 technology for the world's largest Entrepreneur Social Network. He has a distinguished history implementing and securing some of the largest and most widely known networks in the world. As Information Security Manager for Electronic Arts, Francisco was responsible for all information security solutions and policies to protect the intellectual property, e-commerce and on-line gaming networks of the then $3.400 Billion, Fortune 100 organization.

He has written several white papers, presents internationally and is an instructor on hacking and forensic security reviews for the FBI, Texas Rangers, US Marshels, and other federal and local agencies.  Mr. Artes has been the special guest of the Texas State Attorney General symposiums on Cybercrime, a speaker and subject matter expert on Anti Piracy for the United States Attorney General and he has been a panel member for the Critical Information Security Conference held by the Texas State Attorney General and the United States Attorney General.  Francisco has a successful history lobbying for Intellectual Property Rights, and has worked with the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Francisco serves on several boards and is a Trusted Adviser for The Security Consortium.

Mr. Artes is a CISSP and a CNE. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities and computer games. Mr. Artes lives in Central Texas and Los Angeles.

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